Talk by Andrey Fedorov,  Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital

Talk by Andrey Fedorov, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Upcoming Events

22.07.2017- 23.07.2017 –  3rd Berlin Summer School on Human Factors, Berlin 

03.09.2017- 06.09.2017-  20th Conference of European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP), Potsdam Jahrestagung der BIOMEDIZINISCHEN TECHNIK und Dreiländertagung der MEDIZINISCHEN PHYSIK (Annual Conference of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics), Dresden


Past Events

26.06.2017 – 29.06.2017 – 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, London

20.-24.6.2017 – Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery Conference, Barcelona

26.-30.6.2017 – National Alliance for Medical Image Computing – Summer Project Week, Catanzaro, Italy

14.06.2017 – 17.06.2017 - 25th International Congress of European Association For Endoscopic Surgery, Frankfurt 

12.06.2017 – Creative unit: Demo-Presentation Session

28-29.04.2017 – imagINe Surgery, Charité University Hospital, Berlin

23-26.02.2017 –  Intraoperative Imaging Society Conference Meeting, Hannover

 25.1.2017 – Creative Unit Retreat

 17-21.10.2016 MICCAI 2016, the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention

29.09-01.10 2016 CURAC 15. Jahrestagung vom in Bern.

12-17.09 .2016 DORS bei ICCAS

19.06.2016 – Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 30th International Congress and Exhibition, Heidelberg

17.06.2016 – DICOM for Medical Image Computing Research, Invited Talk from Andrey Fedorov, Surgical Planning Laboratory, Harvard

14.06-17.06.2016 – Workshop: Radiomics for Radiologists, Bremen

15.04.2016 – Second CURAC Workshop on Human-Machine Interaction in Surgery, at Leibniz University, Hanover

23.02.2016 – Human-Computer Interaction in the Operating Room: Solutions and Future Challenges, Invited Talk from Christian Hansen, University of Magdeburg

27.10.2015 – Fall Retreat, Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen

17.-19.9.2015 – CURAC Annual Meeting in Bremen

14./15.7.2015 – Visit to ICCAS, Leipzig

19.6.2015 – Invited Talks from William M Wells and Tina Kapur, Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

11.6.2015 – Estimating abdominal aortic aneurysm wall stress in the clinic, Invited Talk from Karol Miller

12.2.2015 – “Workflow-based surgical automation – Invited Talk from Thomas Neumuth – ICCAS Leipzig

24.04.2015 – David Black – Seminar at ICCAS Leipzig – “Audiovisual Display”

15.01.2015 – Visit to the International Neuroscience Institute, Hanover

10./11.2014 – Multiple visits to Asklepios Klinik, Hamburg, Barmbek

29.09.2014 – Kick-Off Retreat (Teerhof Guesthouse of the University of Bremen)

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