17.06.2016 – DICOM for Medical Image Computing Research, Invited Talk from Andrey Fedorov, Surgical Planning Laboratory, Harvard

This talk will take place on 17 June 2016 at 15:00 in the Cartesium building (Rotunde) at the University of Bremen.  

Prof. Ron Kikinis would like to cordially invite you to a talk by Prof. Andrey Fedorov.

Medical image computing hold tremendous promise for precision medicine clinical applications. Image post-processing tools for automated image quantitation have critical role in such applications as precision image guidance and disease characterization. Their deployment in the context of clinical research necessitates interoperability with the clinical systems. Comparison with the established outcomes and evaluation tasks motivate integration of the clinical and imaging data, and the use of standardized approaches to support annotation and sharing of the analysis results and semantics. In this talk I will discuss our work in applying Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) international standard to support these tasks. I will present our approach, on-going work in implementation of the supporting tools, and emerging applications that are motivating our development in cancer treatment response assessment and image-guided therapy.